Museum – Thessaloniki.

Work on the construction of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki began in February 1961, to designs by the architect Patroklos Karantinos. The building was inaugurated on 27th October 1962, during the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Thessaloniki. In 1971, the displays were brought to completion in all the rooms. They included […]


Meteora is from the biggest and most important group of monasteries in Greece after those in Mount Athos. We can locate the first traces of their history from 11th c. when the first hermits settled there. The rock monasteries have been characterized by Unesco as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage and they form one […]


The excavation of the area commenced in 1928 and is continued at present by the University of Thessaloniki. It has brought to light a fortified city, surrounded by cult areas, that was inhabitated continuously from the Classical period to Early Christian times. Buildings of various periods have been discovered in a series of different levels. […]


The ancient city lying on the north slopes of the Pierian mountains is securely identified as Aigai, the capital of the kingdom of Lower Macedonia. Archaeological evidence prooves that the site was continuously inhabited from the Early Bronze Age (3rd millenium BC) while in the Early Iron Age (11th-8th centuries BC) it became an important […]


The one-day trip to Athens, gives us the opportunity to meet and the sights of our capital. Athens is about 400 km from the hotel.

A small one day cruise to the island of Skiathos 

The city of Skiathos is the only built-up area of the island. It is built on the southeastern tip of the island in a windless bay which separates the island of Bourtzi in two. It is a relatively new settlement, built in 1829 – 1830 on the site of the ancient city, on two hills […]

Greek night

An evening with food and fun dancing. The dance group will present dances from various regions of Greece. The orchestra with traditional rhythms, provides the music for the feast that follows.